Friday, May 2, 2014


Today, staring at the morning sun,
I wandered where life had run,
and where I left all that fun?

For just yesterday, down the memory lane,
it seemed life was like riding a plane,
no worries, no responsibilities, no pain!

The gully cricket of the yesteryears,
Losing the match!”, my worst of fears!
and stealing from the orchards… apples, plums and pears.

Ah! Those master pieces from clay I made,
even Michelangelo had felt ashamed!
and still no prizes I had ever claimed!

A cotton candy, just made my day!
and for it sometimes I would pray!
Wish it again would be that way!

Talking back to the teacher in Ist class,
Felt as if I was the boss!
and then as the stick talked, I was at loss.

The rainy days, the paper boats
Less paper meant "less homework notes"
Aazadi from homework! Boats, boats and more boats

Now, often seeing paper boats in rain,
A part of me does feel the pain,
I want to be a child again,
I want to be a child again!

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