Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Brown Soldier / Black Heart (An Ode)

The brown soldier
Now has a black heart, a pawn in the game
is shooting some people in a foreign mountain land
He does not know why, orders he says

From the same people in the plains
who did not give him a cremation ground
He knows that he doesn't belong here
These mountains are not his home

He shoots and he kills, the children asking freedom
He does it in self-defence, he argues
He does it for his country, he says
For he has to sleep at night

The child had stones in hand
Because you took away his toys
The toys his father would have bought him
Had you left the father alive

Emptying the magazine, these dead children were violent,
with stones in their hands, he says
While he was peaceful,
with a gun in his hand

His soul says that stones of truth
Can pierce the military armor
While bullets of oppression
are light as a feather

Go home and fight in the Indian plains against,
the ones who denied you dignity, in your own land
Not against the oppressed Kashmiri people
whose ways you can't understand.

Between 9-19 July 2016, 45 people have been killed by the Indian forces in Indian Occupied Kashmir, more than 2000 are injured, around 100 persons blinded using deadly pellets, and scores have been arrested. Ambulances have been attacked by the Indian forces, hospitals raided and doctors threatened to not treat the injured. Indian Occupied Kashmir is the world’s most militarized zone with 0.7 million (7 lakh) soldiers concentrated in an area of 10 million civilian population, and more soldiers are being procured in as we speak. It might further escalate leading to death of more civilians.

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