Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hajj, Hajjis and Hajeej

All dressed in white,
hearts filled with light,
all long for those blessings,
and that beautiful sight!

So these are the days of Hajj, one of the five pillars of Islam. A lifelong dream of many! People world over arrive in Mecca at this time of the year to perform the holy pilgrimage and so did people from this very of this part of the world. However this part was recently highlighted not for people going but for people who did not go… more on that later… lets first discuss who went there. Well they were all old people… sorry, almost all… or maybe the young looking had dyed their hair. Then they embarked on a journey (I am not talking about Hajj), it’s called the farewell journey where they went to many of the friends and foes and asked for Rukhsati. That done, then others embarked upon a jouney to Mr Would-be-Hajjis home to eat wazwan. Wazwan is their even at the funeral, and you thought it would spare the hajjis, huh! This accomplished, many breeds of people went for Hajj. Someone had worked hard all his life to collect money for this pilgrimage, someone else had waited first to build a house, someone to marry his daughter and some Mr. Smarty Pants had waited all his life so that he can sin to his heart’s content and then come out clean. After all, Allah is all forgiving! Someone even had taken a loan for Hajj!! All of them however boarded the same flight.

But wait! What did they see below from the plane? People same as them, mostly old and some young, with same Rukhsati, same stories, same emotions, and even a person who had taken a loan were protesting. While they had boarded the plane, the protesting mob had been cheated. They were left on ground. Someone had gulped down their money and stolen their dreams. Maybe the thief hadn’t done anything wrong. Maybe they were young people who were going for hajj and they did not fulfill the description of the prototype Kashmiri hajji. Maybe he wanted them to wait a couple of years so that they are old enough. But they protested, and rumor has it that the thief has been jailed. After all the authorities are not useless here! And these poor souls are now watching on TV what they could have witnessed live. Maybe some of them will not be alive to go next year (considering their age), buts lets pray they do.

All this drama made me think something’s wrong in here. Even the holy pilgrimage has not been spared. There are a lot of emotions and aspirations attached with this pilgrimage. This is a murder of their dreams and aspirations. Let’s hope this was the first and last of such events.

However these are the blessed days. Really hope someone has prayed for you and me too, and also for the Qurban Kath.

Eid Mubarak!  

These blessed days,
that hopeful gaze,
looking towards the sky,
our Lord we praise!


  1. yes agree mus be ist and last such event...:-( its rely not acceptable and the culprit mus be punished hard for doin such crime:- such wrongdoers are behind the bad impression of muslims...:-

  2. Nice one friend... :)

  3. It really was a sad event:X ... glad that you liked it :)