Tuesday, December 13, 2011


In the dusty streets of Kabul,
watching the sunset so beautiful,
there was a deadening silence and I wondered, 
"What happened to the Bulbul?"

 If you don’t want peace, well it will still come to you! There is no choice. Today everybody around us seems to be selling peace. They want to make us believe that peace is a fluffy white unicorn with a cute horn in front and who occasionally farts rainbows! They are called “Rainbows of Peace” A part of it is certainly true. The peace they sell is like a unicorn, a fairytale creature which does not exist.

But, the fairytale industry has always been in business and seems like there is no stopping them. They are just too good at it! People however, do get over fairytales. Nowadays it seems that America is selling the biggest fairy tale. Like Captain Planet, it seems to be on a self proclaimed mission of liberating the world. “Certainly world is actually occupied America and it needs to be liberated” read the latest Uncle Sam comic. And ironically all these comics are published under the banner of peace. Peace has been literally torn to pieces! However don’t get confused. The current peace ideology seems so simple. Find a weak defenseless country, bomb it and tear it to pieces so that the bigger bullies can have a piece. The only difference between piece and peace is that of spelling (sensible argument) and it is nowadays portrayed as a typing error.

With the banner of piece so high… hmmm sorry "peace so high" (sometimes it gets really confusing!), all the world seems to be looking towards the heavens and forgetting about what’s happening on earth. They are anticipating the development, liberty, equality, rights… yada… yada…yada… that’s going to come with peace. Peace today is a fully loaded package. It comes with many goodies. Not only one gets to have the peace keepers as his guests, but he also gets to treat and feed them with his resources like oil, agricultural produce, minerals etc. Iraqis, Palestinians and Afghanis seem like the luckiest people of the world! (I am not making anything up, these are the conclusions derived from the definition of peace).

In this year only peace has really changed the world, and the bombing in Pakistan by the NATO (Naturally A Terrorist Organization) seems to have summed it all up! I am really fed up with peace and all other bullshit that is sold. A World War 3 is on the cards. Hardly a few years left for this mega event. Prepare or get perished. Hurry! Limited time offer! Seems like I am off to prepare for World War 3! Are you?

Peace is torn to pieces,
and eaten piece by piece!
And they call it liberation,
then charge the world a fees.


  1. A thought provoking piece of writing. True to the last word.

  2. one can say that your ideas are "pieceful", but true as well.

  3. First my ideas were "peaceful" but then they became "pieceful"!